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Re: Planning a natural childbirth

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon...this book is great! I found it very helpful, without taking classes or even actually training my dh with the practice exercizes. I just told him what was best to do for each situtation, and he was the best help during labor.

Also, Special Delivery by Rohima Baldwin is very informative and especially good to know if you have fast deliveries.

There are natural ways of inducing you may want to check out...herbs are powerful, but should be well researched for each individual (black cohosh works great but is not good if you are anemic, etc.) Homeopathy is safe and effective as well. Here's a link for all the ways to naturally induce labor:

As for the migranes, you might want to check out The Ph Miracle by Dr. Young...I'm reading this book right now about how balancing acid and alkaline in the diet can cure everything!

Best wishes for a graceful, natural birth!
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