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Re: Please just tell me he will grow into liking books

I wouldn't be worried. My 2nd is a very active little thing and she never liked to sit still and read. Big difference from my first who would sit and concentrate on long story books from 4 months old. I could only get my second to, as you describe, point to pictures and name things. And not for very long before she would start wriggling and get up and run away. We just worked through books like that. Actually she did like books that were a song, eg nursery rhymes or something there is a tune to. Both talked very early (actually second one talked earlier!) and my older one who loved books still does and taught herself to read at 4. However my second one now loves books too, she started listening to stories more around 2.5 (although we have to read the same book every single night... until I get her onto a new one, then it's that one for the next month... aaaaaaggghhh). HOWEVER... like I said she loves books now and she is almost 3.5 and I recently taught her to sight read, now she loves reading and is reading a few books on her own with sight words. She also knows phonics so is doing well at sounding words out. So... moral of the story, don't give up!! When she wasn't able to concentrate on a book, I would just read to the older one and let the younger one play around in the room, it all goes in by absorption!
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