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Re: Gluten free Vegan - help!!!

We have also been going this route! Wow, it's been tough!

We like the websites that have been listed above, and have also found, which has a great vegan gluten free lasagna recipe which i modify slightly based on what i have at the house. But if you succeed in making a big lasagna, you can have leftovers for snacks.

Other snacks, we make is granola (using gluten free rolled oats from Bob's red mill), homemade applesauce, chips (especially tortilla), kale chips with cashew cheese.

And I have a couple of cookbooks that I borrowed from a friend that I might buy, that are mostly vegan and gluten free, but mostly for baking sweet things. I personally prefer the savory, but the recipes have pleased the rest of hte family.

We have two Babycakes cookbooks, and one cookbook from the Flying Apron.

Good luck! It is quite a journey and you realize that the dairy and the gluten is just pervasive! It is everywhere!!!
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