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Re: Non-dairy gravy mix ideas?

Originally Posted by myclanof6 View Post
I always make my own gravy and it's easy to sub almond, coconut or any other milk for dairy.
In a pan I use equal parts of butter/oil (I actually use a combo) and flour. I let it go for a few minutes to get flavor and cook the flour out.
Then add enough chicken broth (homemade or I use Kitchen Basics) and/or milk of choice to the pan. Let it thicken for a few minutes and you have gravy!
If its too watery you add a little cornstarch/arrowroot or just let it reduce in the stove.
thats how I always do it too... I started it that way when i had to go dairy free, now I think the only gravy I make that has milk in it is sausage gravy for biscuits...
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