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Re: washcloth/wipes question

I have a sale going on now. See link in siggy. 7x7 sherpa/velour are my fav for bath's!

I have two kinds up fs now. Flannel/sherpa w/ free shipping or sherpa/velour buy 2 get 1 free + shipping.

Free Dixie Drops solution sample with purchase! Comes with product guarantee as well.

ETA: I make 8x8 or any size you want! LOL I surge them and secure the ends so my wipes won't fray or look messy after one wash like others can. I pre-wash the fabrics so there is no shrinking or color bleeding. They are uniform and clean looking too. I love the way surging looks over T&T'd wipes. Surgers cut the edge a bit and that's how you get that clean look.

I can do custom orders as well. If I don't have something on DS or on my HC that you like there is a link to my webpage in my ds post ("my wipes are on sale click here"). You can pick any flannel choices and any backing choices. I have natural sherpa, blue sherpa, a tiny bit of pink sherpa and velour in pink, blue, lt green, dk green, red, iris/purple too.
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