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Re: Disposable swim diapers

Originally Posted by PurpleDaffodil View Post
My sisters pool does this, they check on entry and she shows them a disposable one and then uses her cloth I think the general public feel the disposable ones hold in pee?
I doubt that our pool specifically does not allow regular disposable diapers because of the swelling and the risk of one getting into the water and clogging the filters. Its pretty well known that swim diapers aren't for containing pee.. As for making Potty trained kids use them I don't know about all pool but ours is under 3 (I thought it was under 4 I was mistaken) most at that age are still in at least partial diapers a poo accident means complete shut down of the entire pool so I do get the rule. I still use one with my DD if we go the the public pool because she tends to get over excited and might not tell me but no one has actualy checked her for one... Not sure honestly if they are really enforcing the rule.
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