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Originally Posted by sublime.mommy
Buy lots of very small plastic containers. That way you can do lots of options in small portions or separate things that would go soggy (salad and dressing, homemade lunchables, etc)

I collect sauce packets and salt and pepper packets from fast food places. I'll go in and get them even if I haven't eaten there
Wendy's has sea salt and pepper packets that are perfect for hb eggs. Quite a few sauces can make hb eggs more interesting and palateable (some kids hate the yolks, I've taught mine to put lots of salt on them and follow them with water).

I don't like mayo so I use soft cream cheese in almost any place I'd use mayo. I know even with a cold pack people are suspicious of mayo. Egg salad sandwich. Soft cream cheese blended with chopped hb eggs and salt and pepper.

Can you do other nut butters? Sunflower butter is very similar to peanut butter. Nutella? Almond or cashew, etc?

Hummus is a great sandwich spread or dip.

Blend herbs (or a ranch packet) into cream cheese, spread onto tortillas and fill with lunchmeat and veggies. Roll up.

Celery with cream cheese.

Cream cheese and jelly sandwich.

Leftover pancakes with butter. (I make pancakes [and biscuits, etc] from scratch, super easy, saves quite a bit compared to buying mixes)

Buy ham cut thickly at the deli. Cut into squares or fun shapes with a cookie cutter. Slice cheese. Serve with crackers. DIY lunchable. Just be sure the crackers are in thier own container so they don't get soggy.

Leftovers are always good in a rushed morning. Cold spaghetti. Cold rice with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar or honey. Leftover oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins.

Potato salads. I make sweet potato salad, loaded with veggies (bell peppers, cilantro, red onions) and covered in a homemade chipotle sauce. German potato salad has also has no mayo.

Pasta salads. Spiral noodles, cubes of cheese, half cherry tomatoes, other diced veggies and italian dressing.

Mozarella sticks wrapped in lunchmeat.

Pizza roll up: tortilla spread with cream cheese, a drizzle of marinara, mozarella cheese and any other toppings.
That potato salad sounds delist, gonna try it!
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