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Possible low milk with food allergies

My DS will be one this week. He has food allergies and is lactose intolerant. We have trouble knowing what to feed him without him breaking out all he has still been mostly nursing. We had been able to cut out a couple daytime feedings, but the last couple days it feels like he is nursing more. My problem is that my breasts don't feel full anymore, it takes a long time for my milk to let down, and he only seems to get milk for about 2 minutes on each side. My period came back a couple months ago and it seems my supply has gone down ever since. Is my body just ready to wean or am I doing something wrong? DS, up to this point, will not take any other kind of milk from a sippy or bottle and he has never taken pumped milk from anything...believe me, we've tried! With the allergies and eating problems, I need to be able to nurse him so he can get some calories. I should also mention, this is my first child to nurse and my first child with food allergies, so I have no idea what to expect.

We have an appointment with an allergist next week, so hopefully we'll get some answers then that will make mealtime easier. Just wondering what you all think I could do to help the situation in the meantime. Sorry if this is all over the place. There are so many factors weighing in. It just seems so overwhelming right now...feeling like I'm not doing a very good job providing what he needs.

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