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Re: Mirena and weight gain?

I have only had it for 2 months and have faced a few bumps. I gained 10 lbs the first month i had it and for whatever reason i dont know. I ve joined the gym and boxing classes since so hopefully that helps. The same week i noticed an immediate drop in milk supply as i was breastfeeding and kind of freaked out alittle. With a few natural pills and sweat that smells like syrup...milk was back the next day. Ive since stopped the natural pills and am doing great on my own now. Alittle extra oil on the skin and hair once a month and thats pretty much what ive noticed. I have also been spotting irregularly, nothing major though. I notice alittle during the day and by night nothing is there. Hope that helps. There are goong to be side effects to anything foreign you put into your body, not to mention one that effects your hormones specifically. Id say its great so far. The only thing that would get me to reconcider removal was the milk supply. But it is resolved so we are good. Good luck to you
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