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Originally Posted by vasquez_leslie

I thought so too. It pushes out the fluid but because of the swelling or something like that the opening that the sperm fit through just isn't big enough. Years ago the Dr said it would need to be reamed out in order for sperm to be able to pass through efficiently.

I am thinking about him not mentioning it before to me. He said it was because now wouldn't have been the right time for us to have kids (I'm still going through my divorce) and we could have something done about it if/when we decided to have children together. But, I'm kind of thinking maybe it was along the lines of him being embarrassed that he was infertile?? I don't know I guess. I felt funny about him not telling me as well.
mama. Regardless, I think he should have told you as BC should have come up, especially if he didn't want more kids. But I'm really old-school like that too. Hopefully everything will shake out and he'll embrace the pregnancy after the shock wears off.

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