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Re: Low/No Sperm Due to Prostate Issues/Then Pregnant

Well, even if he only had 2 single sperm, guess what? They are super sperm and got you pregnant!
He should be excited!
My friend's ex said he couldn't produce children because he was a micro preemie and his fertility was effected by the treatment he got when he was first born, but my friend is the probably the most fertile woman walking the planet (not a good thing), and she got pregnant. He denied the baby until he was born, and the kid looks EXACTLY like the father!
All you can do now is wait. If your worried about genetic defects then you can gets some tests done. They aren't 100% but can point you in the right direction. If he's worried about paternity, then he can request a DNA test.
I'd be over the moon if I was infertile and was able to conceive!
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