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Re: Whats for dinner? (can we make this a sticky?)

Originally Posted by Monzie View Post
We had my famous veggie chili and a loaf of homemade wheat bread (from the bread machine). I doubled the chili batch this time so I could freeze half for after the baby comes. We'll get four meals out of this double batch...tonight's regular chili dinner, then I'll make veggie chili dogs in a day or two with what's left of the stuff I didn't freeze, and then, in a month or two, we'll have the same two meals all over again. Hopefully, the baby doesn't mind a little spicy milk!

Later this week, I'm going to make a double batch of spinach and ricotta lasagne and freeze half of that. And then I'll be doing the same thing with cheese and olive enchiladas next week. Hopefully, by making extra stuff now, I'll have enough dinners in the freezer to get us through the hectic first couple of weeks that the baby's here.
That is what I am hoping to do before baby comes

By the way the salsa chicken turned out great , I shredded it up then made chicken tacos with cheese and sour cream !
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