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I put yes in the poll... although I guess it can be interpreted differently lol

With my first we had names picked out (boy name first and middle, girl first but no middle) before we found out the sex... once we found out she was a girl I didn't have a middle name until about 10 weeks prior to her birth. I refered to her by her name in utero as well.

With my second we had full names picked out when we told people we were pregnant (12 weeks). Once we found out she was a girl we refered to her by that name and I haven't regreted her name in the least.

With my current pregnancy (31w2d) things are definitely different. .. this is our first team green baby and first "surprise, you're prego!!" Pregnancy lol we have a boy name picked out (since it will be a 'third jr')... we have a first namr for a girl but no middle name yet. For some reason I just feel like this is a boy - but can't explain why... so I'm not concerned - but want to have a middle girl name picked out prior to labor... just in case I am wrong lol. I'd be happy with either sex though ;-) this baby is obviously not being refered to as a name -just "baby" and "it" or "he/she".
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