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Re: Is this normal?

An ounce per day is outstanding Jen! That is awesome I do agree that you need to find a new ped. Our 4th LO had/has issues with weight and as a newborn we were there 2-3 times per week for like 6 or 8 weeks. She was never gaining an ounce per day. Baby #5 was like clockwork on his ounce per day for almost 6 months straight. Good for you for having a scale. Keep a written record of naked weight and take it with you. Don't let them give you any bs about his weight because there is scale discrepancy. After Poppy's inpatient stay at 2mo the University of MD reset her growth curve and then I had the tech at the office weigh her naked on all three infant scales and average the weight. Have you done any pre and post fed weights at home?
Just in case.
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