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Re: Question about fast labors

My "active" labor was 19 mins long. I ended up having an unplanned, unassisted home water birth. I was in early labor for about 9 hours, but I thought it was false labor because they stayed 10 minutes apart until active labor and slowed down even further when I laid down. At 6:41pm, I sent my friend a picture of my daughter and I playing in the tub. I had the first contraction that made me stop what I was doing and I thought maybe my water broke. At 6:46 I had another strong contraction and felt a little like pushing so I texted my friend and told her she should come. At 6:51, I had another contraction and really felt like pushing. I knew on that third contraction we were not going to the hospital. She was born at 7pm and my friend arrived about 3 minutes later.

IF you are worried, I recommend creating a birth plan for this situation so that if it does happen, you have already have a mental note of what to do and what you want. I was texting my doula throughout the day and was able to get someone there in a hurry. She called 911 after she arrived. In hinds sight, we could have just driven there, but at the time she called 911, it was unclear how much blood I was losing. (I had low plateletts at the time of delivery and a history of severe uterine bleeding.)

Good luck!
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