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Red face Had ultrasound at 5 weeks 6 days and just saw a sac. Sad New Update post #70

Ok ladies I need some support. I am really finding that I am so nervous. I had my first ultrasound at 5weeks 6days so the day before I turned 6 weeks and we saw the sac it measured 5 weeks 4 days which I was told was good. Now with fertility treatment, they are very technical. So, they always look to see all the bells and whistles. Sac, Yolk sac, fetal pole, heart beat. So we just saw the sac and I keep reading about these other women that see a heartbeat at 5weeks 4 days etc. I am a mess. I am reading way too much and scaring myself half to death and I am trying not to be scared and worry but I cant help it.

Anyone have any insight?

Update #45
Cher busy Jewish mommyto 7 year old Triplets and our newest addition making us a A Loud, Crazy, Busy Family of 6.

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