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Re: Vaccine links

Here are a list of links that were just added to the other thread in January. It is always helpful if the OP is willing to add the new links to their original post so all the info is in one place without people having to dig thru the whole thread. It's also helpful if they are deleted if it is brought to your attention that a link no longer works. These are just things I've seen some people do over the years and it has been most helpful.

Challenging Vaccine Theory:

Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System Database:

Vaccine Ingredients:

List of All Vaccine Ingredients and Safety Analyses:

Vaccine Package Inserts:
Tripedia insert (ommitted from previous link. lists SIDS and autism as potential adverse reactions.)

Brain Blood Barrier and MSG:


Blood Brain Barrier and Aluminum:

Aluminum and Motor Degeneration:

Health Effects of Mercury :

Mercury and the Blood Brain Barrier:

Health Effects of Formaldehyde:

Formaldehyde and the Blood Brain Barrier:

Debunking Herd Immunity:

Vaccines and neurological issues, including autism:
"In acknowledging Hannah's injuries, the government said vaccines aggravated an unknown mitochondrial disorder Hannah had which didn't "cause" her autism, but "resulted" in it. It's unknown how many other children have similar undiagnosed mitochondrial disorder."

Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough:

Treating Childhood Illnesses (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox, Rotavirus, Flu)

Mumps Protective Effect Against Ovarian Cancer:

Polio Facts:
“Up to 95% of all polio infections are inapparent or subclinical without symptoms. “

Chicken Pox Vaccine Tied to Increase in Shingles:

Prevnar Vaccine Linked to Superbugs:

Pneumococcal Vaccine Did Not Decrease Incidence of Peumococcal Mningitis in France:

Tetanus: Fact Vs. Fiction:

Naturally Acquired Immunity to Tetanus:

Hib Vaccine & Type 1 Diabetes:

Flu Shots Not Beneficial:

Vaccine Laws & Exemptions By State:

Vaccine Manufacturers Given Immunity to Lawsuits:

Advisers on Vaccines Often Have Conflicts:
“A new report finds that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a poor job of screening medical experts for financial conflicts when it hired them to advise the agency on vaccine safety, officials said Thursday.”
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