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Originally Posted by png_lovebirds View Post
I'm my previous 5 pregnancies my scans have been at least 20 min worth of measuring. But with my scan this afternoon, she only scanned for 5 minutes. She measured the big things: size of the head, size of the abdomen, femur length, checked to see if the baby had 2 kidneys, and took 2 brain measurements. BUT she didn't check: hands, feet, face, bowels, or blood flow to any organs. It seemed like she only cared about the size of the baby and nothing else. My baby could have a cleft palate and we wouldn't even know!!

I just felt very dissatisfied with the scan and I don't know what to do about it.
Yes, definitely bring this up at your next appointment. Did you say anything at the time to the tech? Maybe the paperwork was wrong. Once when I went in for a US the paperwork said I had gestational diabetes. The tech asked a casual question about it and I was like- what??
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