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Re: Irish Twins

Mine aren't quite Irish twins - they're 13 months apart (and I have a 15 month gap between two as well).
But my advice would be not to listen to all the "oh my goodness you're going to be busy" and "how are you going to handle that?!" sort of talk. I was really worried that it would be unmanageable, with the way everyone talks about babies so close together. My older DD didn't walk for 3 months after her brother was born, and that meant I had to carry both of them, which was a little challenging, but for the most part, everything was just fine. The older one was still having two naps a day when the baby was born, and that was great!
The other thing I would suggest is that you take good care of yourself. You'll need energy to deal with the demands of another pregnancy and caring for these little ones. Eat WELL. Sleep LOTS. And EXERCISE!! Really. Make time for it. I started when I was expecting my "irish twin" and it has made a huge difference in my life. Increased my energy, decreased my stress level, and made me feel (and look!) a lot better all around.
Congrats on your pregnancy mama! Hope everything goes beautifully for you!
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