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Re: Are there any really great China CD's?

I have China Cheapies in my stash but the only brand I've actually tried was Kawaii. I preferred my BG to the Kawaii (aplix). The BG was obviously better quality to me but nothing was "wrong" with the Kawaii. It leaked b/c of the fit (bad wing droop on my skinny kid) but the TPU was great and the aplix was adequate.
It was a good, cheap diaper but I found that I reached for everything else first.

I have some Baby Wizards coming and some Alvas and maybe a Happy Flute. They seem okay.

If you want to try them, order a couple, I say. I wouldn't want to buy a 24 pack of any diaper just in case I don't like the fit on my kid. (I would have had 24 wing, droopy, leaky diapers in my case.) I'd follow that advice with any brand diaper though.

**I suppose you could order a 24 pack or something and only prep a couple to try and send back if they don't work as long as the company has a return policy**
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