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Re: Mama Cloth - Your Favorites?? (SPAM welcome)

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
Really? I may have to try that! Since I found vast amounts of the old Tide, I haven't had to do any tweaking like I used to with my wash routine so these haven't ever had an oxygen bleach on them.Maybe that will actually work! They really do look faded out but I'm game to try oxygen bleach!

Pampered Mama WAHM is SUPER nice! Her cut reminds me a lot of my old GWTF in some ways and I love that her stuff is really consistent (also like the old GWTF. My newest GWTF is all over the place shape wise and that didn't make me happy. My seconds ended up vastly better than teh stuff I bought in the co-op)
Yeah, it's sort of backwards-sounding, right? The same thing happened for my turquoise Fussybutt pad (the color that stains and "bleaches" easily for me), but I find that one particularly hard to maintain (I'll get it looking new some periods but not others). Still it does come out right with enough tries.

My "bleaching" was a sort of weird yellowing (and apparent fading) of areas though. If it really whitened out for you (I've seen photos where that has happened), I doubt oxygen bleach would help. But it was the hot oxygen bleach shock followed by a cold soak rather than just a cold soak that did it for me. I'm bummed that the GWTF really turned out that bad for you. I guess I should stop promoting her at every turn too....

Lately my period has lightened: I'm getting very little use out of some pads and am needing more liners. I think I will try Pampered Mama for liners when she has more dyed OBV in stock. She has the 11" which is my ideal liner length. I'm still in love with New Moon pads elementals for super light days though... looking for a sale to get more.
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