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Re: Water birth experience

My 6th son was born in water and I am planning for this next birth to be a water birth as well. The hospital I went to last time and will be going to again doesn't have built in tubs, they have the birth pool in a box kit. I found it to be very comfortable with the soft sides, padding, and cushioning. It had handles that I did sometimes use. I got in when I was about 4-5 cm and expected it would be pretty quick after that because all my previous labors were about 4 hours from start to finish! This one wasn't like that. I spent a few hours in the tub and wasn't making a whole lot of progress. I ended up getting out and trying to sleep for a while. In the morning my midwife broke my water the rest of the way ( there was only a small leak ) and I got back in the pool when the contractions picked up. After a few more hours I got out to be on the monitors for just a bit and had a bit of IV pain medicine. I was hoping to have nothing but I was exhausted and in a lot of pain. Shortly after that the midwife told me if I wanted to deliver in the pool I had better get back in! It was maybe 10 minutes after that, that Noah was born :-) My labor was about 15 hours but he was face up ( none of my others were ) and the midwife said sometimes this slows the labor process and delivery takes longer. I think had it been a typical ( for me ) delivery I could have avoided pain meds because while the water didn't eliminate the pain or take it away as much as I thought it would, it definitely helped relax me. Just being able to move any way I wanted was so nice. I found the water to be very soothing. Once the baby was born I held him on my chest for while. I would have stayed in longer and probably delivered the placenta in the water as well but I started bleeding pretty heavily so they had me get out. All in all, it was a great experience, and I wish I had done water births with all my other kids as well. I'm looking forward to delivering this next one in water! :-)

BTW...I was afraid of the whole BM thing :-) I asked the midwife about it and she said it happens a lot, no big deal! They have little nets to scoop stuff out if necessary. I don't know whether it happened with me or not, but it wouldn't shock me since I know it has occurred in other births. No one likes to think about it, but hey, you're pushing! It's bound to happen ;-)
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