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Re: Help me decide on a pet!

Originally Posted by mrs_blazen View Post
A friend of mine growing up had a ferret and all I remember is that thing stinking to high heaven! Are they normally that stinky? Is there anything you can do to make them less stinky?

Another pet we've considered is a bearded dragon. I know not really cuddly, but I've read that they have cute personalities and are good pets for little kids. Any advice on those?
Ferets are a little musty, themselves, but their pee is super stinky. If you cage them all day and don't change thier bedding they can be intolerable. The only way I've seen them not stink, my friends had some of that plastic carpet protector padding (flat plastic on top, little pokey things to stick in the carpet on bottom) and they put that in every corner of the house. (Ferrets always go in corners to excrete). The ferrets went on that plastic, super easy to clean and the stink was very minimal. Best ferret idea ever.

My Ferret's name was slinky, by the way

My son's friend has a bearded dragon and it's great! He takes it to the park and it clings to his shoulder while he skateboards. He can pass it around and it's friendly enough with the kids. They need to be fed properly though, not just lettuce so make sure you learn proper care. And expect it to get big. You buy them fairly small but they live for a long time when properly cared for. When fully grown they get big enough to need a 30-50 gallon tank.
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