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Re: Help me decide on a pet!

Most dogs that live with kids are super protective of the kiddos. My roomates dogs growl when the kids are tickled or chased (they're too lazy to do anything but growl, lol). They're german sheperd mixes. They're grumpy old men dogs. My baby chases them around and one gets up and waddles to the other room when she comes near, the other tolerates her hair pulling for quite a while before joining the other dog far away.
The cat on the otherhand, he taunts her and when she finally catches him and grabs his fur, he bites or scratches. B@st@rd cat. I'm a cat over dog person btw, but I'm growing more fond of dogs recently.

I wouldn't get a super tiny dog or a super huge one but right in the middle.
Red Heelers are very smart, playful and energetic. My parents had one when my boys were small and they always got along. The red heelers are small enough you can pick them up if needed and big enough that a kid couldn't pick them up and squeeze them too hard.
Mixed breeds/mutts are usually great. The best qualities of thier parents usually stick around while the health problems some purebreeds face fade out. Rescues usually know which dogs are kid friendly and which aren't. I would check there first and see if anything tickles your heartstrings
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