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Re: Help me decide on a pet!

Thanks ladies! You all have offered a lot of great advice and a lot to think about! You all are awesome!!
I've been researching adopting an older (as in 2-3 years) dog a lot today. There's a German Shepherd rescue nearby and we might go take a look. (I've always thought GSD were beautiful!) I believe there's also a lab rescue that I wouldn't mind checking out. DH is not keen on small dogs, but may go for a medium size one. I love the idea of the kids having that "protector" as their buddy and I think I would really enjoy the company/security since DH is gone a lot. I just need to get over the dog breath, slobber and cleaning poop out of the yard thing... lol I also think I would need to know a lot about the dog before adopting to prevent any unexpected accidents.

ETA: Just wanted to throw in there, that I know, my reasons for not wanting a dog are really stupid!! I just want to be sure that's what we really want. I don't want there to be any reservations at all. If we get a pet it would become a family member and live with us for the rest of it's life. I just wouldn't want there to be any resentment or negative feelings towards the dog... (even if they are dumb)

2nd ETA: That made it sound like I was calling dogs dumb! I meant my reasons/negative feelings are dumb!!!! Geez, I can't put thoughts together tonight....

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