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Re: Help me decide on a pet!

We haven't had good luck with dogs. We've had to rehome 2 for biting/nipping the toddlers. One was a smaller dog so that is more expected, but one was a "kid-friendly" beagle. My kids weren't rough with them. I grew up with dogs and we never had that issue. I feel like I am a pretty experienced dog person but I have sworn off dogs and toddlers in the same house. Even nice big dogs need lots of training to not knock kids over or jump up. And there is house training and making sure they don't chew the kids toys....I know people who love them but for me its just not enough benefit for all the work I put into it.

I vote bunny. They don't really bite, they are very soft and cute, and they make no noise. You can liter box train them so they can be inside or set up a little play yard outside. Lops are the most friendly IME. You can lay a Lop on its back on your lap and it will totally just lay there like a baby. Its funny! The only thing you have to watch is nails. They can scratch if they try to jump out of your arms, so I wouldn't have your kids hold the bunny in arms until the are older. Find a good rabbitry and let them know you are looking for the best temperament rather than a show bunny. That's what we did and we got a real sweetheart.
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