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Originally Posted by Mommy to Eli and Baby#2
My three year old doesn't like the top sheet - it always ends up kicked down to the bottom of the bed - so he just uses a duvet and duvet cover from Ikea. I wash the cover reasonably often but he is usually bathed before bed so it stays clean. He has had the duvet since he was about 18 months? He started staying under it around 2.5 but would just sleep on or beside it before that. He's super hot blooded, though, so he never minded not being covered.

DH hates top sheets, too.
We did the same thing. Both kids hate sheets, so this allows us to have the blanket and keep it clean. We bought two duvets/pillowcases and basic white fitted sheets. The duvets get washed like the sheets. Both kids love them and its super easy to make the beds each day.
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