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Re: Help me decide on a pet!

Originally Posted by mrs_blazen View Post
Thanks ladies! You all have offered a lot of great advice and a lot to think about! You all are awesome!!
I've been researching adopting an older (as in 2-3 years) dog a lot today. There's a German Shepherd rescue nearby and we might go take a look. (I've always thought GSD were beautiful!) I believe there's also a lab rescue that I wouldn't mind checking out. DH is not keen on small dogs, but may go for a medium size one. I love the idea of the kids having that "protector" as their buddy and I think I would really enjoy the company/security since DH is gone a lot. I just need to get over the dog breath, slobber and cleaning poop out of the yard thing... lol I also think I would need to know a lot about the dog before adopting to prevent any unexpected accidents.

ETA: Just wanted to throw in there, that I know, my reasons for not wanting a dog are really stupid!! I just want to be sure that's what we really want. I don't want there to be any reservations at all. If we get a pet it would become a family member and live with us for the rest of it's life. I just wouldn't want there to be any resentment or negative feelings towards the dog... (even if they are dumb)

2nd ETA: That made it sound like I was calling dogs dumb! I meant my reasons/negative feelings are dumb!!!! Geez, I can't put thoughts together tonight....
Your reasons for not wanting a dog are completely valid. I won't live with cats because I can't tolerate a litter box or cats sitting on furniture. It sounds stupid/crazy when I type it out but I am borderline OCD (it is actually an aspect of the mania portion of my bipolar) and I just can't handle it. Dogs don't bother me, I view them as less messy and though I grew up with cats and always adored them something about them triggers me. If there are things about dogs that bother you that needs to be considered. You shouldn't have to live with a pet that is going to irritate you because it is a major cause of rehoming. It is something to seriously think about when you think about adding any pet to your life though. All animals need cared for and cleaned up after. If you don't want a dog pooping in your yard will cat poop in a litter box bother you? Small animals have cages that need cleaned and typically smell (even with the cage cleaned weekly there is a distinct odor in my boys' bedroom from the rat cage). I'm not trying to be snarky at all, please don't read it that way, just wondering if you have thought of it since you mentioned growing up in a pet free home. Though I completely understand if it is just dogs that bug you, some people are that way.
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