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Re: Help me decide on a pet!

Originally Posted by Angel89411 View Post
I'm actually gonna say ferrets are not good with small children. I've had 4 and loved them. I want another one day but not with small children. You need to clean their cage daily to keep stink down, they can not be kept outside as they are temperature sensitive, they can get nippy - the males are more lovey than females, they can easily be hurt by little ones, they WILL tear into your couch and other furniture if you don't properly seal it up which is dangerous for them, the steal things (they really do, trust me) and they need time outside the cage daily. They are fabulous pets for older kids. They have some good sides. It's almost like trying to describe why you should have children, lol.

How about a hamster, rat, or guinea pig?
I totally forgot about the theft thing. My friend's ferret used to hide things under the couch and her bed. Anything that went missing we just assumed he had. Rats are thieves as well. I had a male rat that used to take my earrings and necklaces. The girls will take almost anything small enough for them to carry.
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