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Re: Juggling Homeschool and Work?

I have always worked. I used to work from home so I wouldn't even start until the kids were in bed. It wasn't ideal and it made me pretty sleepy/grumpy the next day. I currently work in the medical field on Saturday and Sunday. I only work those 2 days each week. We have family close by but they have full time jobs so they can't babysit on a consistent basis during the week. I'm not comfortable with leaving my kids with other people so working the weekends was my only option. If you worked 2, 12 hour shifts you'd still be earning a decent amount of money. My husband and I set aside an evening each week for date night and we still have lots of family time during the week. My husband doesn't earn a huge salary so I have to work. I don't love missing out on stuff that happens over the weekend but we make it work. I do love that I'm free Monday through Friday to do field trips etc. I love that I don't feel rushed or tired all the time like I felt when I was working from home. Overall it's a great schedule. If you still needed to work full time I'd probably consider working Thursday, Friday, and Saturday overnight. It really depends on your husband's schedule too. My husband happens to be home a lot, he gets off at a consistent time each day, and he doesn't travel.
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