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Update: I may end up not having to worry about this after all. My BP has been climbing for the last two weeks and I've officially been diagnosed with gestational hypertension. I'm still doing fetal monitoring twice a week bc of gestational diabetes. So nothing new there. But I'm now seriously considering going with the doctors original recommendation for induction at 39 weeks since my GD is now complicated by hypertension. I just have a gut feeling that its what needs to happen. And I'm actually wondering if it'd be prudent to discuss earlier induction. I'm doing my best to read up on hypertension and keep finding that the recommendation is induction at term - 37 weeks for moms with mild hypertension (140-160/90-110). Mine have all been in the 140-150/90-100 range in the past week, but I haven't been able to get my OB to call me back. Just dealing with different nurses. :-/
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