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Re: Question about fast labors

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post
I'm pregnant with #3 and planning a hospital VBAC. My first was a CS, and my second was a quick home birth VBAC. 12 hours of early labor and only 3 hours from start of active labor to baby being born.

When I think about the birth I keep envisioning it being so fast that we either don't make it to the hospital on time or even leave the house.

So I guess what my "question" is - for those of you who have fast labors and maybe even had an unplanned home birth or unplanned unassisted birth... What would you do for labor planning? How do you know when it's "too late" to get in the car and head to the hospital?

I feel like I should prepare for the possibility of an unplanned OOH/UC but not sure what to do.
I have ultra fast labors (my last two were 45 minutes start to finish, I'm not kidding, in fact my longest labor was 6 hours and that was with my first) if you feel like you need meds cause the pain is so bad, or you feel even slightly pushy you are too late and ought to stay home, at least that's my opinion.
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