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Re: Browning lots of ground beef?

My 2 largest pots will only hold 3 (maybe 4 if I'm really careful with stirring) lbs of burger. We fry up burer a couple times a year to stock the freezer so I know how much my big soup pot will hold (which isn't ahuge pot). If I put my big pots on the stove I can only really use 2 burners. I know dh would sit and brown the burger for me while I prep other stuff but it would still take a good hour at least to brown it all.

I didn't think about it not really browning in the oven. If I seasoned it would it at least taste the same? I'm making lasagne so the sauce would mask a slight taste change. The other casserole (runza casserole) doesn't have a sauce so it might be more noticiable if there was a slight taste change.

Maybe I'll just have dh brown it all for me. Since I'm trading most of these casseroles with other people I don't want to make a dud casserole.
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