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Re: Need to be more mindful of spending

Originally Posted by mamaspice View Post
I pay for everything by debit, so it is really easy to look back and see where it all went. I also look at my grocery receipt to see what the big ticket items are and if they are necessities. Re-evaluate to see if your budget is realistic and accounts for everything and adjust accordingly if not. Don't set yourself up to fail by not allowing enough. but if you increase in one area you might have to decrease in another.

It sounds like you need a little bit of fun money every month if you can afford it. Decide what is reasonable, maybe take that much out in cash and when it's gone it's gone.
Yes this is what I need to do. I am positive I need to increase our grocery budget and also to allow us some fun money and then stop when it is gone.

Originally Posted by babyrosie View Post
I made a change a couple years ago because I noticed we had lots of little amounts on our debit each month that add up to be a lot. I started getting out cash every 3 weeks for me and dh. That is all we are allowed to spend on anything that isn't bills. Then I get cash once a week for groceries only and don't ever use our cards except gas for my car. Then I know we are staying in budget. It is really hard for dh but he is trying
I can do this better than dh. I will talk to him tonight about doing this again.

Also wanted to add that I normally do not spend that amount daily on food out. Fridays I let myself buy out lunch and usually will eat breakfast at home and take coffee from home. We are out of coffee filters and the fruit looked good when I stopped for coffee so I bought it.
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