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Re: Need to be more mindful of spending

Increasing our grocery budget has helped me a lot. I would blow through the grocery budget, feel like we have no food, borrow from other envelopes, and then just decide screw it and blow the whole budget on eating out and then steal from savings because I may as well continue my spending spree. I previously had the grocery budget closer to some of the numbers I see around here, but that's far less than we "need" (definitely not a need, but you know...) to spend. It took awhile to realize I need some convenience foods to keep from eating out (as good as my intentions are, I dislike cooking a lot of things from scratch), DH is a grown man and deserves to fuel his ice cream addiction if that's what he wants to do (lol), we'll end up grabbing fast food if we don't have convenient snacks to grab and go when we're getting ready to go out for the day, and if I want DH to pack his lunch instead of buying out, we have to have easy yummy things on hand for him to take. So the number had to go up. Made a huge difference and stopped the downward spiral we had been experiencing for months.
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