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Re: Ideas for Spagetti Squash

I would love to have that much spaghetti squash! We only got one from our plants and weren't even sure if it was good.

Anyway, we like it plain, or with pasta sauce, or with guacamole, or sour cream. I also like it in salad! Sooo yummy. I've also made spaghetti squash patties (I forget the actual name) but they were decent. Not my favorite though but you could probably find simple recipes with a quick google search. I seem to remember putting eggs and parmesan in it and then frying them like pancakes. We've also eaten it with honey and cinnamon - sometimes raisins, too. I've added chicken meatballs to it, too, for the savoury dishes - or beans. Not really recipes, I guess, but it seems versatile to me!
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