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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread ~ Sep 23 - Sep 29

I have a question for all of you knowledgeable Dave Ramsey followers...I read this post religiously every week, but never post

My dh just started full-time college, after he decided he really wants to have a degree before he retires from the Army (in two years). The only school that offers his major, is expensive. He has gotten some financial aid (tuition assistance through the army) and is still looking for other scholarships/grants. But, as it stands right now, we will need to pay about 200/month for him to go to school. We just don't have it....we can budget about 100/month right now. My question is: we put 15% each month in retirement ($700)....I was thinking about reducing that to $600 for the next two years while he is in school to cover the rest of college. Or should I just keep trying to find new ways to penny-pinch to try to come up with the other $100 (which I'm not sure we can do, we are frugal people with no debt).....I don't think taking out a student loan is our best idea, but maybe we should do that? Thanks!

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