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How to quit supplementing?

I have a 7 week old DD and about a month ago, I had mastitis, which seriously affected my supply (which I have never had an issue with before). For about a week I was offering a bottle after most feedings, but have been able to drop all of them besides the bedtime one. She usually drinks 1.5-2 oz after I nurse her, so I feel bad just dropping it, as she is hungry. I am drinking lots of water, on fenugreek, eating enough, and letting her nurse as long as she wants. She has been a good sleeper from the start, though, and has a pretty long chunk of sleep, so not necessarily round the clock (and I really don't want to pump or wake her every two hours at night...this is my first good sleeper and I don't want to ruin it). Is there a good way to drop it? Just do it? Help!
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