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Re: Is home schooling good

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
I don't really think anyone can advise you. You need to decide for yourself if it's right for your family.

You are asking a bunch of HS'ing parents. Of course we think HS'ing is good. I would like to think we don't do it just because we are lazy and don't want to get up early enough to get our kids on the bus. It isn't the only option and not necessarily best for YOUR family.

But, in answer to your question...yes, I think MY homeschool is good and far superior to PS in all ways that are important to me including academics.
Nope I totally do it because I don't like getting out of my jammies till mid-afternoon. Lets not even get started on trying to get my kids up and dressed before noon. I guess we are just a family of night owls (to be fair all of our activities are late evening).

OP I think everyone else has really already said what I am going to say, homeschool is wonderful if it works for your family. In our family it is the only thing that works. We are night owls and we enjoy our freedom. We have many activities that run late into the night and though dh may be able to get up and go to work in the morning (I really do feel bad for him) I can't make my kids get up after just a few hours of sleep. I would hate to tell my youngest he had to quit roller derby and we all had to quit Taekwondo because they were going to public school. My boys also have special needs and I feel that I can work with them better at home.
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