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Re: Caroline Ingalls Syndrome?

I go in spurts but mainly I am the same way.This week has been non stop sewing/crafting!! My stash of unfinished projects got finished over the weekend so that was a relief. I made the baby an outfit, 2 bibs, 3 burp cloths and a changing pad all out of scrap materials (all this week). I made dd an outfit (OMG it's so cute!!), stocked my HC, did 2 custom orders, made a set for a donation, made 6 sets of hair bows and hemmed a few pairs of pajamas for the kids (all this without spending a dime ~ I had EVERYTHING in my sewing area!!). All of a sudden I feel like I have to get everything ready for the baby and I feel so unprepared. Soon you will stop all the "preparing" and have a new baby to hold.

oh and dh gets a little like this as well. When I had dd I stayed in the hospital for 2 days (the norm) and when I came home I had a completely different house. He rearranged every single room and sanitized it cleaner than the hospital (I hope he does it this time as well).
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