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Re: Is home schooling good

Originally Posted by MomAtWork View Post
I have mixed feeling about Home Schooling. It is good for some people who are able to follow disciplined routine and curriculum. You need to follow a regular program but if you can't then its probably not for you.
This is not true. There are many families who do not follow a program. Instead they make their own. You don't have to follow a curriculum to do a good job homeschooling. Many of the curriculum choices are written by homeschooling moms and dads.

You also don't have to follow a disciplined routine. We have a basic routine, but we are not rigid at all. Sometimes we do school in the morning before lunch and sometime after. Sometimes we do school on Friday and sometimes not. Sometimes we do it on Saturday when my husband is working and sometimes not. Sometimes we do the history scheduled for the day and stop. Sometimes we do the history scheduled for the whole week and then stop. We do have a basic routine. We do the 3 R's before lunch (minus math) and then content subjects after lunch with any projects being then too because my youngers are napping. But, it changes all the time to fit the needs of the day or to fit my/our mood.

The above is a common misconception about HS'ing. You do have to be able to get it done. That's about it.
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