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In general the meaning of a name is completely meaningless to me. My name means 'princess' and DH's means 'famed warrior'. Neither of which apply to us at all. If I looked up DS's name (Liam) before he was born I don't remember but it means 'strong-willed warrior'. Well he certainly is strong-willed and it's kind of neat that him and DH both have 'warrior' in their meanings but I never would have chosen based on that alone.

I'm currently pregnant and the girl name we have chosen means 'life' which is special to me as this will hopefully be our rainbow baby after 2 miscarriages. But again, the meaning was discovered after we had chosen the name. It was just a nice coincidence.

IMO, so many name meanings are ridiculous or irrelevant and don't apply to everyday life (but that's just my experience with my name )
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