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Re: Did the Chiropractor REALLY work???

I broke my back several years ago. I was treated solely by a chiro. It did wonders for me. The osteopath wanted to put me in a back brace, the chiro did not (I wasn't on ANY pain meds so I was WELL aware of what my limits were). I would have been one huge mass of scar tissue today if I would have gone with the back brace treatment option.

Now I just go in for maintenance work very occasionally. I find I get more bang for my buck if I get a massage a day before the chiro. Only once or twice since the accident did my chiro tell me I had to come in for a repeat visit. My chiro is my cousin and he only charges me the cost of a sandwich or two so when he says I have to come back I know I have to come back.

You don't need someone trained in the Webster technique. According to several of the chiros I know the WT is just a method of assessing the patient to see where things are tight and where they aren't. The same thing can be accomplished by any good chiro. The chiro I know in the area who is certified in the WT is not a very good chiro. The quality of the Dr. is more important then what technique they are familiar with.
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