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Yes, definitely works for me.

As far as how long it takes, here are my experiences. I had been having back/hip/neck pain from hauling around my huge baby and sleeping funny all night (cosleeping with a total diva). That pain had been going on for about 8 months and I felt great after 3-4 weeks of treatment. Then I was going occasionally just for maintenance.

The second time I had pain was when I got pregnant and started having neck pain. I hadnt been seen for maintenance in about 4 months because we had moved and I didn't have a new chiro yet. I let that pain go on for a couple months before I saw someone. Again, it took about 3 weeks of treatment then I was feeling fine again.

Dont be afraid to shop around if you dont mesh well with the first dr you pick. I think it's important to really like your chiro because you'll be seeing him/her much more often than your family doctor. My first chiro was good at what she did but was way too chatty and tended to overshare her opinion on things...drove me nuts when I was seeing her twice a week
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