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Heavy periods, still breastfeeding

I'm looking for a suggestion to treat heavy periods. My dd is 13 months and still breastfeeding. I'd like to nurse her as long as it is still pleasant for both of us, but my AF came back about 6 months ago and it is KILLER. Like I can't leave the house for more than an hour for a few days a month b/c it is so heavy. The only suggestion the dr. had was the Mirena, but I tried it and had it removed after a month b/c I had a drop in supply, non stop bleeding, mega acne, and in general I wasn't totally on board with the whole thing. The only other suggestion is a combo BCP, but I know that will kill my supply too. I'm trying to decide if it's worth stopping breastfeeding over, but really these periods are really disrupting life around here.

Anyone have experience or any suggestions?
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