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Re: Heavy periods, still breastfeeding

Originally Posted by sylverstarz17 View Post
I have the Nexplanon implant- it's progesterone only so supposed to be BF safe. I've had it for 5.5 months now and no AF yet but that could also be due to EBF. It hasn't seemed to affect my supply any. I did have a drop here within the last month due to other reasons but not due to my BC.
I'm glad that is working out for you. I know that progesterone only products are supposed to be safe for breastfeeding, but two different types caused a noticeable drop in supply for me. I know that a combo pill will also kill my supply, so I am looking for a non-hormonal suggestion. I don't want to wean until we are really ready, not b/c of these stupid periods.

It's the estrogen in the combo pill that is supposed to help periods. Progesterone only can actually cause more breakthrough bleeding, so it's not generally useful in controlling heavy periods. At least that is what my dr told me.

I had heavy periods as a teenager. Playing sports was really hard. Being on the pill in my 20's took care of things. But, since I've been off the pill my periods are back to being crazy heavy. Very frustrating.
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