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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

I officially started potty training my girl at 17 months. She was showing all of the signs ob being ready. Initially, I woke her up in the morning by putting her on the potty (she always peed right after she woke up) and we got a pee in the potty almost every morning! That being said, potty training is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life...It's so frustrating. Three steps forward, two steps back. She did great for a week, then horribly for two weeks. She potty trained entirely by the time she was 2, but only for pee. She still hid and pooped her pants if we didn't catch her in time and she had lots of skid marks, like every day, often several in the same day. We struggled for a few months with slow improvement and eventually, she got all her poops and pees in the potty with only rare dribbles and skid marks by the time the was 2 1/2.

My advice, if you think YOU are ready as well as your little one, got for it. But be patient, even as you can feel your blood pressure rise and your hair turn grey!
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