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Re: Is it ever ok to prostelyize to other peoples children.

Originally Posted by Hillargh View Post
True, but in that case I would take societal norm into consideration. I think nudity is natural and beautiful, but I know many wouldn't appreciate me handing out nude modeling art photos, so I wouldn't. Kwim? But I think PP was right in that shock value is usually the point of these. To get people talking. But I don't think it has the deaired effect tbh (religious searching, deeper roots in the faith, etc.)

Not a good comparison, but I'm cold and tired and that's all I've got haha.

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Totally understand and I agree. What you just described is rational.

The difference is that passion often overtakes rational thought, especially when faith is involved and what is obvious to one person is completely hidden to another.

It would be nice if Chick tracts would go away forever. Unfortunately, the more people that buy them/make blogs about them for the pop culture factor just encourage the producers to make more. In their eyes, it doesn't matter why they are bought just that they might be seen by someone in need of a Saviour.
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