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Re: Is it ever ok to prostelyize to other peoples children.

Originally Posted by P!nkPepper View Post
So basically because they stopped at a church, I should be ok with them passing out that crap?

None of the women here that feel I am being hypocritical have answered if they have actually SEEN one of these horrors. This is not a nice sweet Jesus is your savior type tract. This is a believe what believe or you will go to Hell type thing. Would you really be ok with your child getting one with their peanut butter cups & Smarties?

Jodie ~ Wife & Mama
Yes I have seen them and have received them and so have my kids. We simply talk calmly about what they say and what we believe to be true. It has never been a big issue here. I really don't think you have any reason to be upset, but as you said we both have the right to our opinions.
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