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Re: serious parenting fail

Originally Posted by MsGiggles View Post
mama. Hope today was a better day.

for the napping thing - any chance he is extroverted and gets energy from being around people? He might need to be left alone is in room (safely/gated) - away from you - to let himself fall asleep. That way if he is going to nap, he will, and even if he doesn't you are free to go about your business or have a nap yourself.
The rest of the week has been much better, thank you for asking. I think the kid just loves me and won't nap when I'm home, and that I need to stop stressing about it. If I leave him in his room with the door open he will just come out and smile at me, then run back to bed when he knows I've seen him. It's a game to him. I can put him in time out a dozen times and he will still get up out of bed. If I shut the door he sobs hysterically, and it doesn't stop. I tried sleep training a few months ago and he would cry until he vomited, and it made him fear his room and panic if he couldn't see that the door was open. So I have no intention of doing that again. I think next nap time I will just take him to the park and run him ragged, and maybe he'll just take a later nap if at all. Lying in bed with him only seems to put one of us to sleep, so I'm not going to do it anymore unless he's basically already asleep.

This is him this morning. He slept in and then was too lazy for breakfast, preferring instead to get his thumb and favorite blanket and read superman in the hammock. He is like a little clone of me.

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